Things I Ate in Europe Part 2

After leaving Amsterdam behind, we trained and then rental-carred to the French countryside. We were based in the Loire Valley truly in the middle of nowhere. There were tons of tiny medieval and Edwardian towns. Castles. Chocolate. And Cheese, Oh My!

The first night we drove to Loches on a tip from our host. The meal made me cry. It made me feel exactly what Julia Childs describes about her first French meal in “My Life in France.” I couldn’t help but get teary when my main arrived.

The fish was amazingly and perfectly cooked. Served on a very simple bed of fennel and artichokes.

Our first cheese course in France. One was a very goaty goat’s milk cheese. The other a triple creme. I wish I had done better note taking so I could share more details.

Suffice to say, I cried again.

Dessert arrived and the search for the best creme brulee I’ve tasted was over.

Even the freshness of the mint was a spectacle. Tears Number 3.

The next day we went on an adventure to see Chenonceaux- a huge fairytale castle.

After, we went to a town near a river and got these quiches from a little bakery.

She heated them up and picnic history was made.

At the same time, we got a warm crusty baguette which came in handy later when we had an indoor picnic for dinner– three types of cheese including a delightful Mimolette, a French swiss and yet another goaty goat. We added a few tomatoes and avocadoes and a bottle of wine from the region and called it a night.

Too bad photos don’t have the option of capturing other senses. This might not look like much, but DAMN this was some mighty fine Salted Caramel Ice Cream.

Our next evening’s dinner was at an outdoor cafe. In the middle of the meal, some race passed through town. All of a sudden everyone was cheering and French folks in short shorts zipped through.

Dessert was quite nice to look at as well:


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One Response to Things I Ate in Europe Part 2

  1. Rae says:

    salivating . . . these pictures! the food! turn forty already, will you?

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