HP and the Deathly Hallows

This may be a spoiler for folks who have not yet seen Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1.

Despite feeling way to old to be doing so, Ainsley and I went to the opening night midnight showing of HPandtheDH with Edie. Given that the majority of our belongings haven’t been returned post-fire-clean-up, we were sadly dressed in civilians clothes. Despite feeling like a total and complete Muggle, I love going on opening night with The Real Fans. Folks dressed up and dorkily theorizing about the film.

And overall, I loved it. It might be my favorite movie so far. But that may also be because now that there are no more books to anticipate, the movie’s release felt like a beautiful moment of nostalgia for my love for these stories.  (And overall, I watch the movies once and then catch bits on TV here and there. I know for sure Movie 4 is my least favorite by a lot but otherwise I don’t invest as much effort into them).

I loved the opening scene of Hermione erasing herself from existence to protect her parents. The moment where everyone polyjuice-potion-morphed into Harry was brilliant. So we were off to a great start and by the end I was still satisfied.

However of course a million folks have asked me what I think of the film… and while I pretty much loved it there is one critique I’ll offer. The movie was weak in its portrayal of the grassroots organizing effort to take down Voldemort.

In HPandtheDH, the book, there are little moments while Harry, Hermione and Ron search somewhat aimlessly where we glimpse the real world, and more importantly, the resistance efforts brewing in it. When Ron returns he tells them about the pirate radio show, Potter Watch, which is the subversive program of the resistance. When Harry and Hermione visit Godric’s Hollow and see the house Harry was born and his parents were murdered in, folks have left signs and flowers and messages to Harry that say “We’re with you!” and other sentiments of support and revolution.

I totally get that the movies can not possibly keep every detail. But I was sad to see these go. Without them, the story of HPandtheDH Part 1 is how he and his friends are on a hunt for Horcruxes to save the world. With them, the tale is how everyone — from the Prophesied leader and his most trusted friends to the invisible people we rarely see— are crucial elements in the fight against oppression.That even as Harry has a very specific job to do, countless others are fighting Voldemort in their own ways.

For me, my love for Harry Potter is partly because it’s a tale of social justice. How everyone has to come together-  trust in each other, learn from their elders, and find their own leadership- in order to achieve liberation.

Despite missing this element, I’m not mad at the movie. Would be interested to hear others’ reviews- what did you think?



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