Eating in the New Year

We ended our year with delicious food. The challenge was to make something you had never made- either the item, the course, etc. What resulted was pretty wonderful.

Cara started things off strong. She made a salmon tartare ala the French Laundry:

Incidentally the creme frache made for great scrambled eggs this AM.

But the appetizer star (sorry Thomas Kellar) was this divine sweetness on a toast:

The raisins and chardonnay were married over night. Somehow the result was like honey. And wine. With cheese. On toast.

The salad had a lot going on, and I didn’t photograph post-plating. But it was more delicious than it was photogenic.

Spinach, pears, apples, beets, feta, carrots, and several other ingredients.

Then we moved on to the main. Heath made pork. I know it involved rolling tomatoes and some other goodies into the pork before cooking it.I was a bad carnivore-ally however and wasn’t really focused on the details.

Pete also made two types of homemade bread. Sadly you can’t really see the dish it is in, which was one of my favorite holiday gifts- a Pete made serving dish.

Better late than never (I guess my oven isn’t up to standard)… I had this as my offering. A leek and gruyere souffle:

And on the side of all of this was a delightful kale dish:

For the last hurrah- Ains really brought it by making individual cheesecakes, each served in a mason jar.

There were roasted nectarines and a graham cracker crumble involved. Despite having had to go to four stores that morning to find the right kind of cheese for this project, it was well worth it in the end.

A great meal to end a mostly great year.


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