Shamless Plug- Support my Attempt to run a 5K

2011 is upon us and my goals for the year have a lot to do with personal health. 2010 was a lot about big professional change. This year, now that the job is pretty settled, is about me. So just a few weeks after I turn 35, I am going to do something I have NEVER done before- Run, in public, as part of an official thing where folks will be running. And I am hoping you will support my effort.

In 4th grade, I tried out for the track team and DIDNT MAKE IT. (Who doesnt let a 4th grader run if they want to???) Since then, I have always thought of myself as “not an athlete.” I had a brief moment in high school when I got a bee in my bonnet to join the softball team. I went through 3 or so weeks of pre-tryouts conditioning. Then, I had an opportunity to be in a musical at the community theater so I quit, only cementing my identity as a not-an-athlete. Even when I spent 3+ years playing rugby, I sort of felt like an imposter version of an athlete. Mostly, I figured, I was scrappy, enthusiastic and a good leader– not to mention I was awesome at the singing/social part of rugby-  which is why I was valued on the team. It wasn’t my athletic prowess.

It’s not that I am the most out of shape person ever, but I have never really gotten enthusiastic-runner-types. And I don’t really plan to become one of said types. But I do want a challenge. I do want a goal to fuel my renewed commitment to fitness. And I do want to do something I have never done.

I began my ‘training’ at the start of this week. So far, I am focusing on general fitness through walks in the hills, home workouts and dance classes. Then am thinking I’ll do the Couch to 5K program to get prepped for the actual race. I even decided during my powerwalk this morning that it might even be time to go to See Jane Run and get myself actual running clothes.

So, yes, a lot of this is about me. But it is also a way to invite my community to support the Ella Baker Center, the organization that has employed me for just under 1 year. The Ella Baker Center is named for an unsung hero of the civil rights movement who inspired and guided emerging leaders. We build on her legacy by giving people opportunities and skills to work together to strengthen our communities so that all of us can thrive. In my role as the Director of Communication Strategy, I get to use media, branding, blogs, social media, and other communications to build a California, an Oakland, and a world where justice, opportunity and peace are real and accessible to everyone. And that feels really good.

You can donate anytime between now and the end of March… but getting donations sprinkled throughout my training period will really boost my morale. My goal is to raise at least $350 in honor of my 35th birthday this march but Please make a donation at any level that is possible and meaningful for you.

If you are in the Bay Area, you should also think about joining me on Team Ella Baker Center.


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