As I wrote, my first big challenge for 2011 is to run a 5K at the end of March. After a few weeks of general exercise, I launched into the Couch to 5K training program. The basic format is free online, though I did download an App that allows me to get prompts for the workouts overlaid over my own playlists (Thanks Rhonda for that iTunes gift card!) And I have my first ever actual running shoes and pants. I had to take almost a week off due to a nasty cold, but am now back on track.

I find that when I tell people about this project, they tend to ask “Do you like running now?”

To be honest, I’m not yet sure. I like having some structure and a challenge to fuel my exercise. I feel pretty energetic on the days that I start my day with a run. I like trying out different circuits through my neighborhood on weekdays and exploring running tracks and running paths on the weekends. And I don’t find myself hating every moment that I am pounding the pavement.

New shoes and some recommendations from a running afficionado coworker seemed to have at least momentarily stopped my shin split issue. And I’m pretty into my running playlists: Training Pop, Training Random, and Training Broadway. But I am waiting for the moment (and we all may be waiting for a long time yet to come) when I identify as a runner or can actually answer that frequent question with a Yes.

If you haven’t yet contributed to my 5K effort, you still have time. Your donation will support Team Ella Baker Center.


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