Applewood Inn

Two weeks ago, I surprised Ainsley with an anniversary trip to the Applewood Inn in Guerneville. One highlight was the meal we shared at the on-site restaurant which recently received its first Michelin Star.

We were greeted by a host with a long stem rose. It was the weekend before Valentine’s Day and though slightly cheesy, I found it charming.

After checking out the menu, we decided to pair wines for each course and settled in to a cozy table near a fire place.

Both of us had the same first course- Artichoke soup. With spicy shrimp and a spicy oil. Probably the best stand-alone course of the night.

We shared this salad. Locally made blue cheese with butter lettuces and apples. Simple but delightful.

Ains had a rack of lamb. The mint sauce on the side was a hit. I am realizing, however, that my food photography is lacking.

I had fish on a bed of squid ink risotto. Seeing pitch black risotto is actually kind of unsettling. But the taste was mild and went well with the saltier mackerel topped with greens.

Despite being full, we splurged on dessert- fluffy pouffs filled with ice cream and topped with chocolate and caramel sauce.

I would highly recommend a weekend visit to the Applewood that includes a dinner. You get full breakfasts, also delicious, included with your room.  You are close to several good stretches for Russian River wine tasting. Would definitely return in the future!


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