That’s my running time for my first-ever 5K race. In my training, I didn’t really do time training so I have no real sense of what kind of time that is for me. I came in 564th out of 888 people who ‘finished’ the race.

I had no idea how to prepare. I ate a lot of carbs with Krista on Friday night. And made myself a hearty and carb and banana filled breakfast. At one point, I was writing some thank you notes while watching the Les Miserable Anniversary Concert on TV, laughing that this was my pre-race psych up. My gaybors Des and Jae picked me up and we headed to pick up our race packets and then headed to the Race site.

It was cold. But at least it was neither rainy nor torrentially windy which it had been for days and days on end.

I ate “Gu” which is like an energy sludge that tastes/feels like a candy coated snail. A combination of that and the 1000+ people lining up for the race had me pumped!

About to eat my Gu

Running and completing this race was a physical challenge. For sure. By the last mile, a foot cramp and shin splint pain on my right side where both really intense. But even more so, it’s a mind game. As most people probably do, I can have a negative and doubting inner soundtrack.

Having never run in public like this before, I had no sense of how to pace myself. I am pretty sure I ran the first mile in a seriously fast time. Which is probably why I had a hard time in the last stretch. When I hit the mile marker telling me I was at mile two, the self doubt really kicked in. I could not fathom that I had to run more a whole ‘nother mile! But I kept trekking along.

There is me running towards Des a bit after the halfway mark.

My friend Jae caught up to me near the end and helped me dig deep for the final push to the finish line. Everything hurt. But as soon as we got to where there were crowds of cheering people, adrenaline took over. I knew that my coworkers would be cheering their heads off, so I finished with a bit of a sprint and almost skipped across the finish!

Look how happy I look as I realize I am going to make it:

Will I now become a “runner?” Probably not. But will I run again? And do a 5K sometime again. Probably yes.  And now I have a benchmark of 36.05 to beat.

And beautiful Congrats flowers from my Mom to gaze at!

Thanks mom!

I’m also so grateful to everyone who donated to the Ella Baker Center as a part of my 5k effort. I was the third highest staff fundraiser which means I won a massage which I will be enjoying this Friday. Thanks community of friends and family!


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2 Responses to 36.05

  1. Way to go, shishter! I love your crossing the finish line celebratory photo! Good for you for meeting your goal and making good time!

  2. Rae says:

    I truly do not know how I missed this, or how I somehow, at some point, stopped checking your blog. These pics are amazing, and YOU RAN A RACE, holy crap! Also I still do not believe in garlic presses, but that cheese looks good, and Cara told me that you did _not_ buy a house, and we have to talk soon. Also I have been having a lot of B-E dreams lately, and we are doing some seriously questionable numbers in even more questionable, non-hot outfits (Cara in her apron, anyone?). All I know is that I wake up and think, omg, when can we start working on our next questionable number in unflattering costumes?!? I srsly can’t wait for the Reunion Tour.

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