New Food Finds

Just a few public services announcements related to food:

1. This garlic press rocks!

I was always skeptical of garlic presses. I think the first one that I bought bent after one use. And barely pressed any garlic. And an old roommate taught me some easy tricks for chopping garlic. So I wrote off garlic presses as an unnecessary kitchen tool. Until… my amazing friend Krista gifted me with the Pampered Chef garlic press as a holiday present. I can now hardly imagine cooking with garlic before having this gadget. It is sturdy, easy to clean and just plain awesome.

2. Haloumi Cheese rules.

You GRILL it. Last weekend I grilled it, cut it into bite sized pieces and then added it to a pasta salad with Orzo, spinach and basil from the garden and some fresh tomatoes. I highly recommend it.


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Radical, Foodie, Performer, Activist, Reader, Jew, Fairy, Muppet, Aspiring Gardener, Appreciator of Sparkly things
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2 Responses to New Food Finds

  1. Thanks for the food tips, shishter! That cheese looks delicious! As good as or better than crispy parmesan?

  2. fairymere says:

    Different sort of good.
    It is salty, similar to a feta and great when its grilled. Parm is also awesome crispy but is thin and crispy. The halloumi is more like a cross between a fresh Mozzarella and Feta

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