Last week, my brother was in town for work. So per our tradition we had a meal out followed by a visit to our favorite, random Market Street dive bar. The restaurant portion almost hit a SNAFU when the restaurant we met at didn’t have our reservation. So Doug jumped onto Open Table and got us in to a place down the street. He thought it was a spot he had gone to with his boss on a previous visit but it turned out to be new to both of us.

The place was RN74, a Michael Mina restaurant. We had cocktails/wine while we waited and snacked on warm olives. I LOVE that my brother loves warm olives. Or just any olives. So many people in my life hate olives but almost any fancy meal with Doug involves olives. WIN.

Sitting down, we saw that the wine list is posted on antique train signs. That was cool. I also think technically this might have been my first Molecular Gastronomy meal. So I was prepared for a lot of foam since that is what you always see on Top Chef. They brought out an amuse of gougeres which is a pretty safe Amuse dish but they were totally satisfying.

We started with a Burrata with basil, meyer lemon and greens. No foam. But lots of deliciousness.

Doug picked out a bottle of wine, which I never really paid attention to the name. But it was French and perfect for the type of warm day our meal was on.

For the main I had an Herb-roasted Alaskan Halibut with a Potato Galette, onions, and a Lobster sauce. The dish was meant to have asparagus which isn’t my jam so they used pea sprouts instead. Here is is:


which he selected partly because “Crispy-Skin McFarland” sounded like a sweet nickname. So it seemed like a good bet for a meal. I had a bite or two and was not disappointed.

No room for dessert so we ended the meal after mains and headed to the dive.

Would definitely go again though it’s a bit of a splurge.


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2 Responses to RN74

  1. Rae says:

    but dude, which dive?

  2. Bonnie Fenton says:

    Going out to dinner with Doug has certainly changed since his days of finding the best turkey sandwich and hating Olive Garden!

    Fenton foodies rule!

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