On our last night in Napa, we dined at the restaurant in this very cool and funky boutique hotel called Bardessono.  I am so delayed in writing up the meal, that this won’t be much of a review. Sorry. But I’ll still share my photos.

The meal began with an Abuse Bouche of a chilled watermelon soup.

Next. My dad ordered the Caprese for the table.  We might have had some version of Caprese in every single meal of the weekend.

It was the height of heirloom season after all. And I can only imagine (with distant, painful memories) what the tomatoes are like in Illinois. The photo, sadly, is not awesome.

This is a poached halibut. With pole beans, torn herbs, cucumber salad, and a vinaigrette. I really should poach fish more. For some reason it always seems more difficult than baking. But the result, when I try it in restaurants, is also such perfect fish.

Okay. This soup ruled. Going back through these picture reminds me we should definitely try this at home. It’s English pea soup. With a little toast of parmesan flan. And mint foam. I’ve watched enough Top Chef, that I distinctly remember being excited about the foam.

My last photo is of BELLWETHER FARMS (Jealous Rae? Sorry) Ricotta Gnocchi. There was garnish of radishes and thin slices of meyer lemon.

Overall, this meal was delicious. And they had Merry Edwards Sav Blanc which we ordered a bottle of… Of all the places we dined, this one was, however, a little pricier. The hotel looked pretty cool for those whose Napa vacations have a large budget.


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