Valentines Surprise.

Valentines Day hasn’t been my jam since middle school. I always felt like it was a holiday invented to sell shit and make people feel bad if they were single (so that they would be compelled to buy more shit that might make them feel/look better).

My Valentines Grinchiness has been tolerated by my sweetie who, turns out, is pretty much just a fool for holidays. His birthday and Christmas reign at the top but he loves pretty much all holidays.

This morning, I woke up with this lingering sinus infection and thought about staying in bed. I was a little surprised that my sweetie actually encouraged me to just take a hot shower and go in for at least a bit. I had a fleeting thought- He must have sent me flowers or something. 

Instead, I arrived to my office to discover this:

and from another view:

and another view:

Does it change the fact that Valentines Day remains a capitalist-driven ploy? No.

But it sure does make my heart glow with love for my best friend and my B’sheret. Happy Valentines Day!


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