As an anniversary surprise, Ainsley took me to Boulevard in San Francisco. We were seated at a “romantic” table meaning we were next to each other, looking into the restaurant. But the table had a bit of an angle in it so it was also easy to chat (or gaze lovingly at each other since it was that kind of night).

First Course: Dungeness Crab Salad. With Blood Oranges, Hearts of Palm, Grapefruit and  Lemon.

Since the dungeness season was drawing to a close, I kind of had to get the Dungeness crab salad. It was awesome. The citrus paired perfectly, and the mix of small crab with a few large pieces of crab legs was divine.

Ainsley, got: Maine Lobster. With a house made type of sausage that had a special name I’m forgetting.  Also a they-knocked-It-out-of-the-park dish!

MAIN COURSE TIME. I had the Sea Bass with fingerling potatoes,  and breaded/fried brussel sprouts. The crispy brussels had a delicious breading going on. And the fish was perfectly cooked. The dish was solidly good but not a knockout.

Ains on the other hand had:

Which was a lamb TBone with lots of fancy accompaniments. He raved about it.

Then came the perfect ending:

This dessert rocked my world. It was described as a Candy Bar cake so layers were perfect representations of say the Nougat from a snickers or the crunch from a Twix. And the two little cookies were homemade rice crispies and cocoa crispies in a wafer kind of form. And the glass of dessert wine was a perfect partner. It was awesome.

Would highly recommend Boulevard for a special treat or special occasion date.


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