Support the Hayward Gay Prom

This Saturday I could not be more honored to help raise funds for the Hayward Gay Prom. When I was a GSA Advisor, back in the day, we would take a van full of kids to these events. Because historically at least a handful of protesters are outside of the venue, I remember preparing the kids for what that might be like. But then when we arrived, there was a big long red carpet, a marching band, and all sorts of Pflag types yelling things like “you’re beautiful!”

The hoopla was so increcdible, I almost missed seeing the 3 or 4 idiots with their hateful signs.

The event itself was a big gay celebration of young people and I can only imagine what might have been different in my own life had there been anything remotely like this in my childhood.

So come on out to the White Horse anytime between 3 and 7 PM this Saturday for entertainment and music, community and fun. All raising funds for the prom. Hope to see you there!

SoulFire Wheelin’ for Project Eden’s Gay Prom

Saturday, May 19 3-7 PM

The White Horse Inn | 6551 Telegraph Ave, Oakland CA


At 3pm, join us at the White Horse Inn for an afternoon of performances by local musicians, burlesque troupes, drag kings & drag queens. Bring extra cash for a big time raffle and tipping your favorite dancers!

Taking the stage at 3pm is The Bar Chords, a women lead Rock ‘n Roll band with soul, folk, and punk influences. (

Our exciting drag & burlesque cabaret will begin at 4pm and the lineup includes: Kentucky Fried Woman, Starr 69, Dorian Faust, Brock Cocker, Charley Horse, Kitty Von Quim, Brush Arbor Girls & Titland.

For more info on Project Eden’s Gay Prom held Saturday, June 9th 2012 at Chabot College in Hayward, CA Call: 510.247.8200 or go to . There is also information about donating if you can’t attend the event.

RSVP via Facebook!


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