It’s pumpkin fondue time

To me fall means cheesy pumpkin fondue. And because I firmly believe that everyone should experience this joy at least once in their lives, and by popular request, I’m reposting my favorite fall recipe. Enjoy!

1. Start with a medium orange sugar pie pumpkin. You can tailor your size to the size of the group who will be eating. Keep the top and scoop out the guts. Reserve and toast the seeds for a side-treat. Rub the insides of your pumpkin with salt.

2. Make your cream mixture. Start with 2 cups (or one container) of heavy whipping cream. Add a cup of vegetable broth, 3 or 4 healthy shakes of ground nutmeg (or freshly ground nutmeg), some salt and pepper, and whisk it all together.

3. Grate your cheese. I like to use half Gruyere and half Emmental, but I am sure any melty, delicious cheese will work. I probably use 5-6 cups of cheese total.

4. Thinly slice and toast a baguette. Toasting is actually optional.

5. Stuff your pumpkin. Do a layer of bread, followed by a layer of cheese, finished with a half cup or so of the cream mixture. Keep repeating until the pumpkin is full.

6. Put the top back on the pumpkin. Then, wash your hands well, and rub the entire outside of the pumpkin with olive oil and salt. While you do this, think about how much you love the people you’ll be serving the pumpkin to. (I always want to remind folks to remember the most important ingredient of any dish- love.)

7. Put the pumpkin in a roasting pan or even on a pizza pan and into your oven heated to 450 degrees and cook for at least an hour and a half. Often it takes closer to two. You’ll know its done because the pumpkin skin will be a rust, deep orange color, and the insides will look bubbly and gooey.

8. Place the now bubbling gooey pumpkin on a serving platter surrounding by baguette, crackers, or other dipping implements. It’s also a good idea to equip your guests with forks or a big knive to help get pieces of pumpkin onto their plates.



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