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It’s pumpkin fondue time

To me fall means cheesy pumpkin fondue. And because I firmly believe that everyone should experience this joy at least once in their lives, and by popular request, I’m reposting my favorite fall recipe. Enjoy! 1. Start with a medium … Continue reading

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Fruitvale Station, Not Guilty Verdicts, and Turning Anger to Action

Last night I saw Fruitvale Station at the Grand Lake Theater in Oakland. We heard about the verdict in the George Zimmerman trial just minutes before getting in line. It is hard to communicate just how poignant the film was … Continue reading

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Wishin and Hopin on Human Rights Day

  International Human Rights Day. How do I begin to engage in conversation that feels authentic, timely, and wise? How can I put out my wishes and hopes for a world where each human on the planet lives with dignity, … Continue reading

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Can you be fiscally conservative, yet socially liberal?

For some reason during this election season, more than any other that I remember, I have heard and seen on social networks people identify as “fiscally conservative, socially liberal.” This is often how they explain that while they don’t necessarily … Continue reading

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Support the Hayward Gay Prom

This Saturday I could not be more honored to help raise funds for the Hayward Gay Prom. When I was a GSA Advisor, back in the day, we would take a van full of kids to these events. Because historically … Continue reading

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As an anniversary surprise, Ainsley took me to Boulevard in San Francisco. We were seated at a “romantic” table meaning we were next to each other, looking into the restaurant. But the table had a bit of an angle in … Continue reading

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Valentines Surprise.

Valentines Day hasn’t been my jam since middle school. I always felt like it was a holiday invented to sell shit and make people feel bad if they were single (so that they would be compelled to buy more shit … Continue reading

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