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Fruitvale Station, Not Guilty Verdicts, and Turning Anger to Action

Last night I saw Fruitvale Station at the Grand Lake Theater in Oakland. We heard about the verdict in the George Zimmerman trial just minutes before getting in line. It is hard to communicate just how poignant the film was … Continue reading

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If it hurts one, it hurts all.

As long as I have been politically engaged, I have watched how almost any protest or direct action somehow ends up with an element of vandalism. Sometimes, small potatoes- graffiti here or there. Ranging to more serious acts such as … Continue reading

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Rally the Troupes- Now that’s some Sparkle in Motion

I am a blogging slacker. Or at least a Sparkle Motion slacker since I actively blog for work on Ella’s Voice. Sure I can blame it on the whole buying-a-house-and-moving thing. Or I could lament the recent and ongoing flare … Continue reading

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What is wrong with people?

Last night I walked from BART to a friend’s house in San Francisco. I haven’t been in the city a lot lately so was looking at all the new bars and restaurants sprouting up along Mission Street. I was shocked … Continue reading

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SVU Pet Peeves: Or two major rants about why my sweetie’s favorite show just isnt and will never be my jam

Note: I actually wrote this a few days ago. I am finding with blogging, and in writing in general that when it isn’t for work I have a really hard time with conclusions. I feel like I have to end … Continue reading

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Mixed politic holidays

So… I am partnered into a VERY big gift-giving family. I am wondering if folks have ideas about what you do when you receive a gift card for a store you normally don’t give your business to? Any ideas?

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Ellis Island DREAM forgotten

A cross post from Ella’s Voice. On this day, in 1954, Ellis Island closed its doors after processing over 12 million new immigrants to the United States under the shadow of the Statue of Liberty. The Statue and the Island … Continue reading

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